Symposium Committee

Committee Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Establish Committee assignments for the year.
  • Will assist with the following tasks:
    • Programs/speakers
    • Facilities Coordinator
    • Advertising/promotion
    • Continuing education
    •  Attend regular progress meetings (via teleconference)
  • At the Symposium, Committee Members will assume the following duties:
    •  Greeter
    •  Assist with Registration
    •  Be available to answer questions/director attendees to break,
    •  Personally thank each presenter for their time and contribution to the Symposium,
    • Committee members personally thank each Booth sponsor for their support.

Committee Chairs:

Sandy Adams, CFP®
Catherine Gearig, CFP®

Committee Members:

George Barnhart
Alan Ferrara, JD

Interested in joining the Symposium Committee?  
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