Partnership Committee

Committee Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Obtain partners and sponsors for FPA so that the organization has enough money to fund its programs and operations.
  • Have good communication skills and be able to articulate the benefits of partnering with the FPA of Michigan (it is important to follow-up with potential partners since it is not uncommon for the process of achieving a commitment to take several months).
  • Have a flexible schedule and be willing to meet with potential partners and learn about the potential partners business and motivations (this can take time and energy, however face-to-face meetings is the best way to achieve success).
  • Work closely with the Symposium Director/Committee and the Education/Programs Director/Committee, possibly attending their committee meetings.
  • It would be beneficial if the Director/Committee have many contacts in the wholesaler community.  The more connections the Director/Committee has the easier it is to get referrals to other potential partners.
  • Attend chapter meetings and chapter activities.
  • Participate in committee call sessions to generate partnership leads.

Committee Chair:

Chris Burgess

Committee Members:

Ted Bugenski, CFP®
Mark Johnston

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