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FPA of Michigan Rolls Out Their New Website!

FPA of Michigan WhiteThe FPA of Michigan has recently unveiled its new website and we have relocated our blog to the new site.  Please click here to visit our new site and be sure to update your bookmarks.  If you have any comments or questions, contact our Chapter Administrator, Mary at 248.330.7757 or


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A Visit to the Zahn, Inc., CFP® Live Review Course

MC900303033I recently had the opportunity to visit one of Ken Zahn’s CFP® Review Classes in Detroit.  The attendees had little idea of what awaited them outside after class (weather forecast of yet another 3 to 5 inches of snow!) as their instructor, Ryan Newton, helped them digest the final study guide of their intense four day review class.  The class was nearing the limits of their ability to absorb any more facts but took in a little more information from me about Membership in the FPA of Michigan.

I congratulated the class on their decision to sit for their CFP® credentials and talked to them about joining the FPA of Michigan and how membership would be valuable to them.  We discussed that whether they are newly graduated from college or a career-changer, this can be both an exciting and challenging time as they enter their new career.  I provided the class with as many tools as possible to spur their career as this class embodies both our future and theirs.

I offered up some of the benefits of joining one of the largest active associations in the country.  We discussed some of our offerings such as:

  • The FPA National Job Board site;
  • Our local MentorMatch program, which is part of our Community; and
  • The numerous Networking Opportunities we can offer them.

Finally, I had a chance to eat lunch with the group and we discussed life after the test, their time spent away from family and friends while they prepped for it, and how rewarding it would be once they passed the test.  I wished them well on the next five weeks and mentioned that I hoped to see many from the group at one of our upcoming events.

Renee Judycki, CFP®
Membership/Career Development Chair
FPA of Michigan

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Welcome New FPA Members

The FPA of Michigan would like to welcome the following new members who joined in January:

Joseph Dadich
Paul Fenner, CFP®
Jason Kirk
Michael Pominville


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