In Case You Missed It … Another Successful Generation NEXT RoundTable Event!

Round TableThe conference room at the Center for Financial Planning was buzzing with energy as 15 members and affiliated professionals of the Financial Planning Association of Michigan gathered on the evening of May 21st for a round table discussion.  Tom Rabaut,  Frank St. Onge, and Pamela Landy co-facilitated a discussion on Discovering the Hidden Gems in a Client’s Tax Return.  The purpose of the Generation Next Round Table Forum was to provide an opportunity for the learners and leaders of our association to gather and discuss best practices, network, and learn from one another.  15 professionals gathered for 2 hours to discuss and debate tax strategies and planning tools that originate from the examination of a client tax return.  Roth IRA Conversions, Education Funding Vehicles, Alternative Minimum Tax strategies were some of the many topics thoroughly discussed and debated from the viewpoint of the Financial Planner, Tax Attorney, CPA, and Enrolled Agent, all of whom can have a role in discovering a client’s best strategy.  “This was one of the best meetings I have attended . . . presented with so much  energy” was a comment from one of the many participants.

Our next GNRTF is slated for late summer . . .
so be watchful for the announcement in your mailbox with specifics on the date, time, location, and topic.


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