FPA Members Help Spread Financial Literacy

Teaching kids about responsible budgeting sounds about as easy as herding cats, but a group of FPA of Michigan members gave it their best shot … with some amazing results.  Partnering with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement, a group aiming to spread financial literacy skills to students from grades K-12 across the country, several of our FPA of Michigan Members brought in a group of 8th graders from Detroit’s Burton International School. The day was dedicated to teaching the kids about personal finances in a very hands-on way.   Students were encouraged to save money each month rather than spending it all.  Many took saving very seriously, making frugal choices.  


One child specifically said, “I want to make sure I can save a lot of money at the end of the month,” and was able to make a sizeable monthly (relative to income) charitable contribution as well. 

FPA Member Julie Hall says she left wishing she had experienced a field trip like that when she was a child. “Financial planning can and should begin at an early age so that our children are better prepared to handle their finances effectively in the future.” 




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