Generation Next Roundtable’s Success!

We successfully completed our second Generation Next Roundtable last evening at the offices of Merrill Lynch in Bloomfield Hills.

Thanks to Jen Flaherty for arranging a terrific location for this event and the perfectly engineered name tents for the tables!

The conversations seemed to flow well as Mike Rautiola and Tom Rabaut lead the discussions about Business Development.  We had a few new faces in the group among learners and leaders, and there never seemed to be a lull in the conversation.

A special thanks goes out to Mike Rautiola for championing the attendance process  and the agenda.

13 attendees signed up for the event with 11 in attendance.

Attendees provided the following suggestions as possible future Roundtable topics:

  1. Legal Issues in Starting a Practice
  2. How to Read, Use & Understand the information available in a tax return
  3. Client Acquisition and Marketing

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